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Cuida de Você: Health & Nutrition Coaching

You can book the first contact with our professionals through our website.​ By doing so, you contribute to Florescer Holanda’s social responsibility actions and projects.

The eventual follow-up of your treatment is up to each professional individually.

Andréa Romão

Andréa Romão

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer graduated from Estácio de Sá and Unifor/CE, specialist in Women's Health, Aesthetic Nutrition, Maternal and Child Care, Sports, Nutrition in Plastic Surgery and Laboratory Exams.

Postgraduate in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Phytotherapy.

Cláudia Magaldi

Cláudia Magaldi

Medical Doctor from FMC/RJ, General Practitioner and Pulmonologist, Health Consultant and Smoking Coach, Master's degree in International Public Medicine at Vrij Universiteit (Amsterdam).

Talita Trindade

Talita Trindade

Nutritionist, graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, postgraduate in Sports and Aesthetics, Nutrition and Eating Behavior and Nutritional Coaching.

She works with Online Nutritional Appointments and Nutritional Coaching, helping those who want individualized and personalized Nutritional Planning, aligned with their desired goals.

Health & Nutrition Services

In-person in

Couples Package - Talita Trindade

Individual Monitoring - Talita Trindade

Medical Health Consulting - Lux Vitae - Cláudia Magaldi

Nutritional Consulting - Andréa Romão

Nutritional Consulting + Follow-up - Andréa Romão

Smoking Program - Cláudia Magaldi

Training Sheet - Andréa Romão

Weight Loss Package - Talita Trindade

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