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About us

Florescer Holanda is a social enterprise founded in the Netherlands by expatriate women: professionals in medicine, psychology, and culture who have been collaborating since May 2019.

We embarked on this journey as a trio. Samara Sousa, psychologist, was part of our team until July 2022. Since then, we've operated as a duo: Cláudia Magaldi, a pulmonologist and advocate for cultural and human expression, alongside Tânia Lisboa, a psychologist.

Cláudia Magaldi
Cláudia believes in the transformative power of human connections, respecting limitations, and nurturing individual potential.

Through her work, she aims to provide clients and those who engage with her a fulfilling and meaningful life experience.

Tânia places the client at the heart of her practice, emphasizing their innate tendency for growth, development, and rediscovery of potential in a positive direction.


With non-judgmental listening, she fosters personal self-acceptance and helps clients develop their potential and adaptive capabilities.

Tânia Lisboa

Together, we initiated our first volunteer initiative, the biopsychosocial project Ouvidos no Vondel (Ears at Vondel). From the outset, we've progressed with the backing of a robust professional team, a growing support network, and fellow women in the Netherlands.


Our dream and mission involve creating projects, initiatives, and spaces that provide care and support for culture and human expression, promoting the health and well-being of the expatriate community living in the Netherlands and beyond.

From 2024, we are expanding our health and well-being care and support spaces and projects for the broader expatriate community (not just Portuguese-speaking) residing in the Netherlands.

Florescer Holanda has always prioritized supporting and promoting Brazilian and other cultures as a means to achieve these goals.

We aspire to empower our clients to realize their potential and seize opportunities to become who they want to be.

Advancements and developments

In March 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ouvidos no Vondel transitioned to an online platform. Concerned for the well-being of our team of care professionals, we established our Circle Conversation for Professionals. Throughout the pandemic, we remained dedicated to delivering high-quality, free services with professionalism and mutual respect.
After nearly three years, we pondered: how could we continue providing high-quality services that demand considerable time, energy, and dedication? Remembering that our work is a driving force for us!

The answer came quickly! In addition to our volunteer services, Florescer Holanda would offer private, personalized services with a portion of the proceeds contributing to our social projects.

So, Florescer Cuida de Você was born (in English: Florescer Takes Care of You), our care space where clients can select experienced Brazilian healthcare professionals registered in the Netherlands. With our multidisciplinary care team, we aim to strengthen our collective and deliver well-crafted, quality services to our clients.

A percentage of each appointment booked with us supports our social projects, allowing our clients to contribute to the sustainability of our work as a whole!

Through our endeavors, we seek to contribute to building a more integrated, responsible, healthy, and happy society.

Tânia e Cláudia

Photo: Gabriela Miqueletti


To offer quality care spaces in Portuguese (and also in Spanish, English and Dutch), promote cultural connection and support projects that help with the experience of expressing oneself and living in the Netherlands.



Respect and Empathy 

Respecting the fundamental human rights and freedoms to express one's feelings and take complete care of oneself, we offer listening, reception, health care (emotional, psychological and physical) and support for cultural actions for Portuguese speakers and the expat community in general.


Human development

Respecting the fundamental human rights and freedom of full and free development of the personality, we work to expand choices, capabilities and opportunities for the expat community in the Netherlands. Our work helps clients to be who they want to be and still be able to fulfill their duties in the community.

​Transparency and Ethical Fidelity

We recognize transparency in our actions towards our customers and partners as essential, valuing our ethical loyalty to those we recognize as partners who share our same values.


Cooperative Connections

We value expanding connections as an essential strategy for social integration and developing a sense of belonging. Understanding that our work is based on doing things cooperatively, we recognize the value of expanding connections cooperatively as very important for our work. Furthermore, respecting the right to freedom of assembly and peaceful association, we work to create and strengthen a network of care and cultural services and professionals to be recommended to clients and other professionals who work multidisciplinary.

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