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Cuida de Você: Psychology

You can book the first contact with our professionals through our website.​ By doing so, you contribute to Florescer Holanda’s social responsibility actions and projects.

The eventual follow-up of your treatment is up to each professional individually.

Adriana Pessoa Lima

Adriana Pessoa Lima

Psychologist graduated from UFC, with a bachelor's degree and master's degree recognized in the Netherlands.

Adult and couples therapist using the Gestalt Therapy approach.

Ana Lucia Perez

Ana Lucia Perez

Psychologist graduated from UNESP - Assis. Diploma recognized in the Netherlands.

Ana Lucia follows a psychoanalytic orientation to work with adolescents (16+) and adults (individual or couples therapy). She also works with couples in conflict or in a situation of separation using the SCHIP method, developed in the Netherlands. As a specialist in domestic victimization, she offers advice to professionals.

Ligia Oda & Thomas Woelz

Ligia Oda & Thomas Woelz

Ligia is a psychologist (UNIFIL), specialist in Clinical Psychology and Behavior Analysis (USP), Master in Behavior Analysis (PUC -SP), BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).

Thomas is a psychologist and behavior analyst. Professor, researcher and psychotherapist with Masters (University of North Texas) and Doctorate (PUC-SP).

They provide care for neurotypical and neurodivergent children and adolescents (autism and ADHD) in a natural environment (school, home, daycare, etc.). Parental guidance (online and group).

Tânia Lisboa

Tânia Lisboa

Psychologist from USP/SP with equivalent diploma in the Netherlands.

Tânia offers individual or group support for adults, using the person-centered approach - PCA.

Psychology Services

In-person in

Couples Therapy - Ana Lucia Perez

Couples Therapy - Adriana Pessoa Lima

Couples therapy - SCHIP Method - Ana Lucia Perez

Individual Psychological Assistance - Tânia Lisboa

Individual Psychological Assistance - Adriana Pessoa Lima

Individual Psychological Assistance - Ana Lucia Perez

Individual Psychological Assistance for Children and Adolescents - Ligia Oda & Thomas Woelz

Parent Guidance (online) - Ligia Oda & Thomas Woelz

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