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Team Florescer Cuida de Você

Cláudia Magaldi

Cláudia Magaldi

Medical Doctor from FMC/RJ, General Practitioner and Pulmonologist, Health Consultant and Smoking Coach, Master's degree in International Public Medicine at Vrij Universiteit (Amsterdam).

Sessions in English and Portuguese

Hygiëastraat 8, 1076 RM, Amsterdam

Binnenkant 24, 1011 BH, Amsterdam

Online sessions are available

My work

My values

My services

You can book the first contact with me through Florescer Cuida de Você.​ By doing so, you contribute to Florescer Holanda’s social responsibility actions and projects.

The eventual follow-up of your treatment will be agreed between you and me.

Medical Health Consulting - Lux Vitae

Health consultancy sessions are for:

- removal of doubts about health issues in general (including doubts about clinical diagnoses);

- guidance on how to access the healthcare system here in the Netherlands in a comfortable and effective way;

- support in times of communication difficulties with huisarts;

- support for those who are unable to have an appointment with huisarts.



Smoking Program

A unique care experience for your life!

Assistance for regular cigarette smokers and also electronic cigarette users who want to stop, reduce use and/or change the way they choose to live so they feel healthier.

Monitoring consists of 2 phases:


- 1st global assessment - 1h30min

- Weekly meetings (average of 5), for 45 minutes

Price €520.00

The professional has Dutch registration as STOPPEN MET ROKEN COACH and AGB CODE, which allows reimbursement by health insurance in the Netherlands (percentage depending on each insurance, but in general 73% coverage by most insurances)


- Biweekly meetings (average of 2 months), for 45 min


- Monthly meetings (average of 5 months), for 45 min

Cost: to be defined depending on each client’s needs.

1st assessment 90 min

Price €142.50

Weekly sessions (individual)

45 min

Price €75

Weekly sessions (group)

90 min

Price €55

Biweekly and monthly sessions (individual)

45 min

Price €75

Biweekly and monthly sessions (group)

90 min

Price €55

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