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Florescer Holanda promotes health, well-being and culture, through projects, actions and spaces of care.

We want our clients - the expatriate community living in the Netherlands - to be capable and have opportunities to be what they want to be.

How can we help you today?

Learn about our current projects:

The care space for you and your family living here in the Netherlands

A group of autonomous professionals who offer the expatriate community private individual and group services, online and in-person, based on technical and collaborative work between the areas of Medicine, Nutrition, Odontology, Psychology and Physiotherapy
Florescer Cuida de Você

Our online biopsychosocial service

Every first Saturday of the month, we offer a free support service for Portuguese speakers living in the Netherlands.
Ouvidos no Vondel

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Upcoming events

🎉Aniversário do OUVIDOS NO VONDEL🎉

placeholder image

Plantão festivo pelos 4 anos de atividades do OUVIDOS NO VONDEL

1 July 2023

Das 10h às 12h



Painel: Violência Doméstica e
de Gênero

placeholder image

Painel de Discussão organizado pelo Consulado do Brasil e Conselho de Cidadania

7 July 2023

Das 13h15min às 18h

Consulado Geral do Brasil em Amsterdam

Participação gratuita

Ouvidos no Vondel Agosto

placeholder image

Atendimento Psicológico e Consultoria para novos negócios e recolocação profissional

5 August 2023

Das 10h às 12h

Atendimento gratuito

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